About the 100 Club

What is this about?

We perhaps take it for granted because it is on our doorstep but Fernhurst’s Recreation Ground is a pretty special place. That much is obvious to our footballers and cricketers when they travel out of the village to play many of their ‘away’ fixtures. It’s reinforced by the glowing comments from visiting teams.

None of this, of course, happens by chance. It involves a lot of time and effort from volunteers and a fair bit of money too which is why all the clubs are combining to launch the ‘Fernhurst Sports 100 Club’, with a particular focus on pavilion improvements. It aims to put the fun back into fundraising and the ambition is for a monthly top prize of £350. That ambition is dependent on as many people taking part as possible with a minimum of 100.

Subscriptions at Fernhurst’s tennis, football and cricket clubs are very low in comparison to other villages and towns so all members are encouraged to join the 100 club along with everyone who uses the Rec. One ‘share’ costs £10 and if you set-up a standing order by the end of the month, you will be entered for the draw for that month.

How can I help?

To support the initiative and have an opportunity to win, join the draw each month. All that is required is for you to,

  • Set up a Standing Order to buy a ticket (£10) each month, every other month, whatever suits your pocket.
  • Advise the organisers of your details so that you can be kept informed.
  • Wait to hear who has won.

Terms & conditions, bank and organisers details are on this page.

What are the benefits?

Directly, you may win some money.

But more importantly, indirectly you will have helped enable the village to have a pavilion to be proud of, one that will enable the sports clubs to continue their development for all ages and genders helping everyone develop friendships and lifestyle skills.

Over the last 10 years with the help of village, private and public donations;

  • 3 tennis courts
  • 2 cricket nets
  • 1 new football pitch

have been provided all of which are well used by the sports clubs.

Rarely do you pass the recreation ground without there being someone on the courts, in the nets or kicking a ball about.

On a Saturday morning the recreation ground and pavilion are a hive of activity: 60+ juniors developing their cricket or football skills, umpteen tennis members at their roll up and around 20 others having a ‘Fernhurst iTraining’ session while several parents have a coffee and bacon roll in the pavilion.

The wonderful  facilities are  fully utilised. The money raised through this initiative will be used in support of Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust’s initiative to re-new the pavilion. For further details of that initiative visit their website.

Be part of the future, join the 100 Club, now!