Monthly Winners

Here is a list of those that have been lucky enough to have had their ‘number’ draw.

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When1st 2nd3rdMonth PayoutTotal Paid OutFor Pavilion2022
1st October 2019John BoundsJonathan MeierRalph Carver21581307910
1st September 2019Sarah GriffithMark AbrahamsJonathan Meier21579307718
1st August 2019Louise SimmondsMartin DoreySimon Armstrong23077157510
1st July 2019Peter BristoweMatt WestleyLouise Simmonds23074857288
1st June 2019John BoundsGordie OwlesGeoff Howe23072557065
1st May 2019Graham HeathKate BrooksRoy Lynes23070256843
1st April 2019Roy LynesPeter BristoweMatt Westley23067956620
1st March 2019Sarah GriffithRalph CarverHeather Bicknell23565656398
1st February 2019Simon ArmstrongGraham HeathRalph Carver24063306170
1st January 2019Louise ThompsonMark AbrahamsRalph Carver23560905938
1st December 2018Russell ShellardGraham HeathMark Langridge24058555710
1st November 2018Russell ShellardRussell ShellardPeter Bristowe25056155478
1st October 2018Jonathan MeierRussell ShellardGraham Heath25053655235
1st September 2018Martin DoreyJeremy HowardAnne Parker24551154993
1st August 2018Russell ShellardSarah GriffithBarry & Sue Taylor24548704755
1st July 2018Andrew BrooksBarbara PopeAntony Sutton-Pratt24546254518
1st June 2018John AllenRoy LynesPeter Bristowe24543804280
1st May 2018Barry & Sue TaylorLouise SimmondsSimon Armstrong23541354043
1st April 2018John MitchellBarry & Sue TaylorSimon Armstrong23039003815
1st March 2018Simon VigarColin & Tina TurnerRos Gander22036703593
1st February 2018Martin DoreyJonathan MeierSinead Bald22034503380
1st January 2018Roy LynesJohn MitchellMartin Dorey22032303168
1st December 2017Colin & Tina TurnerSarah GriffithLiz Knapp22030102955
1st November 2017Iain DenhamLouise SimmondsSally Heath22027902735
1st October 2017John AllenDerek PopeBarry & Sue Taylor22525702515
1st September 2017Gill StuddMick & Maggie CameronCle Griffiths22523452290
1st August 2017Russell ShellardRalph CarverJohn Bounds22521202065
1st July 2017Andrew BrooksLiz KnappMike & Maggie Cameron22018951840
1st June 2017Peter BristoweCle GriffithsGill Studd22516751620
1st May 2017Gordie OwlesJonathan MeierSarah Syon19514501238
1st April 2017Iain DenhamRos GanderLouise Simmonds21012551139
1st March 2017Sally HeathJudith TurnerAndrew Brooks2101045929
1st February 2017Gordie OwlesMartin DoreyNatalie Owles220835719
1st January 2017Martin DoreySimon ArmstrongRoy Lynes205615499
1st December 2016Sarah GriffithLiz KnappAntony Sutton-Pratt215410294
1st November 2016Barbara PopeLouise SimmondsIain Denham19519579